Ethereal dreams

I couldn’t resist sharing these beautiful images from a personal project we did with the awesome and super talented Matt Porteous and Max Burnett from Matt Porteous Photography.

After a little brainstorming session, we decided we wanted the look of the shoot to be of a dreamy, ethereal quality, so delicate and romantic with subdued coloured hues.

We had originally planned to shoot in the woods but the weather had turned really cold on that particular weekend in March so we ended up shooting in a beautiful old Victorian property which had been empty for a few years. Also, the models we had originally planned to use had to cancel at the last minute so Matt asked if myself and my gorgeous friend and hairdresser, Enia, fancied stepping in. We were both unsure at first as we’re so used to being behind the camera but then thought that this would probably be the only opportunity that we would ever be likely to do something like this! Enia was such a pro and looked so good in front of the camera. I, on the other hand, felt so nervous and uncomfortable as soon as I stepped in front of the camera! It turned out to be such a fun experience though and I’m so glad Matt had persuaded us to do it, in the end!

Also, the lovely Claire from Eden by Claire had kindly made these beautiful flowery headpieces the day before the shoot so there was no way these beauties were going to waste!

Even though the shoot hadn’t quite gone to plan, I’m so happy with how these images have turned out.

Claire Campbell