A bit of prep goes a long way!

You may think that your bridal makeup trial begins as soon as you’re in the stylist’s chair, however it actually starts before that with a bit of prep:

  1. Always arrive with your usual everyday makeup on. This helps MUAs to get a good idea how you like to see yourself and what you’re used to. For example – natural makeup can mean very different things to different people.

  2. Show us some pics you really like from our galleries, those that made you decide this was the MUA for you. Lots of Pinterest pics are fine but it’s really important to choose your MUA based on the style they specialise in, that way you’ve a much better chance of getting the look you dream of.

  3. Try and get your makeup and hair trial done on the same day – I think this one makes sense. One can look totally different with and without the other.

  4. Wear a nice top or dress in a similar shade to your wedding dress – this’ll help you imagine much better how your final bridal look will actually look.

When you’re all done and looking beautiful after the trial always take selfies facing a window. You’ll see the colours truer and the finer details much better. Definitely don’t take them standing under a spotlight.

W-SB- 0025.jpg
Kiera Tompkins